Terms and Conditions

Accuracy of website information

We have taken every care to provide accurate and up to date information on this site. However, as all our Lanzarote villas and apartments are privately owned there may be occasions where particular facilities offered are no longer available. If you are booking your holiday based on a particular facility offered, please ensure we are made aware of this at the time of booking. Furnishings may differ from the photos.

Alternative accommodation

We will do our utmost to provide you with the accommodation selected by you at the time of booking. If however, due to circumstances beyond our control, the accommodation becomes unavailable, we will try to offer you a property of comparable or higher standard depending on the availability at the time. Should you choose not to accept the alternative offered, the booking will be considered as having been mutually cancelled and any monies already paid to us will be refunded to you. We cannot be held liable for any other costs incurred by you.


A booking is not considered binding until such time as the deposit is received by us and confirmation issued to you. The balance of the booking payment must be paid to us no later than 10 weeks prior to arrival. All bookings made less than 10 weeks before arrival date should send full payment to us on the day of booking. Clients who have not paid the balance by the due date are liable to have their booking cancelled with charges being applied in accordance with the scale below.

Accommodation only

Our contract with you is for accommodation only. It is your responsibility to arrange flights but we would ask you to ensure the accommodation you wish to book is available and has been reserved for you prior to booking your flights. We can place a property on hold for you for 24 hours to allow you to coordinate both accommodation and flights. If you do not confirm the booking within 24 hours, the hold will expire and the property will be placed on our available list again. Should your flight be subsequently cancelled or flight times altered, we will do our utmost to accommodate the changes but we cannot be held responsible if we are unable to do so. If you cancel your booking with us as a result, cancellation charges will apply according to our scale.

Travel documentation

It is your responsibility to ensure your passport and/or visa are in order. Holders of current UK and other EU member state passports do not require visas for travel into other EU member states. If you are unable to travel as a result of your documentation not being in order, you will not be entitled to claim any refund from us. Cancellation charges would apply according to our scale.


If you have not done so already, we strongly advise you to take out holiday insurance once you have made your booking. We cannot be held responsible for any injury or loss or damage to you or any of your property whilst you are on holiday.

Single sex and/or young groups

In instances where the booking consists of a large group of individuals of the same sex and/or young people, we reserve the right to either decline the booking or charge a security deposit of £100 per person which will be refundable at the end of the holiday, provided the property is left in a satisfactory condition. If the property is damaged in any way, the security deposit will be held until such time as the damage is repaired. We will then refund any balance remaining of the deposit. In the event the security deposit has been insufficient to cover the cost of the damage, we reserve the right to invoice you for the additional amount necessary.

Cancellation charges

If you decide to cancel your booking, you must notify us in writing. The effective date of the cancellation will be the date the written notice of cancellation is received by us. We will accept email notification as written cancellation provided this comes from the same email address as that used when the booking was made.

In exceptional circumstances, and by agreement with us, it may be possible to transfer a deposit paid for a holiday, subsequently cancelled, to another booking. In these circumstances, the deposit will be held by us until another booking has been made.

If you cancel you booking, you will be charged accordingly to the following scale.

Up to 70 days prior to arrival – Loss of 25% deposit
42 to 69 days prior to arrival – 50% of total price payable
28 to 41 days prior to arrival – 75% of total price payable
0 to 27 days prior to arrival –  100% of total price payable

Currency and payment methods

All prices quoted on this website are in GB Pounds (£).

We accept payment by electronic transfer in GB Pounds (£)

Should you wish to make payment in Euros (€), please contact us. The amount to be paid will be calculated using the exchange rate applicable on that day and can be paid by electronic transfer.

Payment by Visa/Mastercard credit/debit card is taken in Euros (€), calculated using the exchange rate applicable on that day. International charges may be applicable, please refer to your Card provider.

We are unable to accept charge cards.

Property check in and check out

Your accommodation is reserved for you from 4:00pm on the date of your arrival until 10:00am on the date of your departure. In some circumstances, such as peak holiday time, your maid may still be cleaning your property at 4:00pm, especially if your accommodation is one of our larger villas. In order for us to schedule the cleaning to provide everyone with the best possible service, we ask you to advise us of your arrival time as soon as this is known to you.

Problems in resort

In the unlikely event a problem should arise during your stay, you must report this to our office as soon as possible to allow us the opportunity to resolve it satisfactorily. We will do our utmost to resolve the situation, but would ask that you make allowance for local working times and holidays.


Unfortunately, we have no control over failure of public supply or utility such as water or electricity although we will do out utmost to ensure any disruption caused by such failure of supply is minimized.


If we are unable to resolve your problem during your stay, any complaint you may wish to make must be in writing to our office in Lanzarote, within 14 days of your return date. We will accept an email as written documentation provided this comes form the same email address as that used when the booking was made.


To enable us to process your booking inquiry we have to ask for personal and private information from you. This will include the names of everyone in your party booking, your address, telephone number, email address, credit card details and any other details that may affect your booking (eg disabilities, medical requirements, etc.)

If a you make a booking with LanzaroteOne the relevant details are forwarded to anyone responsible for your holiday arrangements. The information may also be provided to public authorities, such as the police, as required by law. However we will not forward any of your details to any other person or company without your prior written consent. In making a booking with us, you accept these conditions.

If you choose Lanzarote Property Management to let and/or manage your property we will collect details such as your name, contact details, bank account details, details of the accommodation to rent. The information may also be provided to public authorities, such as the tax authorities and police, as required by law. However we will not forward any of your details to any other person or company without your prior written consent. In agreeing for us to let and/or manage your property, you accept these conditions.

Your details will be retained on our database for future use. If you do not wish us to retain these details, please write to us in Lanzarote or email us at info@lanzarote1.com. If at any time you wish to know what details are being held or processed, please email or write to us in Lanzarote. Please note that we may charge a small administration fee for this service. We cannot delete your details if we remain under contract to you, either in respect of your holiday booking or letting and/or managing your property. We may also be required to retain certain information by law and/or for legitimate business purposes.

We use advertising companies, including search engines, internet portals, etc and they may monitor visits to the website in order to ascertain the effectiveness of our advertising and website availability.

All the information is retained in our data centre where we have security staff 24/7/365 and strict building access controls including bio-metric scanners. Only authorised staff have access to locked racks where date is physically stored. Virtual access is controlled using various authentication systems, including cryptographic keys. When your date must leave the EEA we ensure that the appropriate safeguards are in place to protect you.

Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on your prior visits to our website.

We take every care to protect your private and personal details and would like to thank you for visiting our website and hopefully booking a holiday with us or giving us your property to rent. If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to phone or email us.

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