Property Services

We are very happy to welcome you to your holiday home in Lanzarote.
The Canary Islands and Lanzarote in particular have had low numbers of Covid19 cases since the start of the pandemic. Our lockdown started on 15 March 2020 with very stringent restrictions and since lockdown ended
last year the authorities have continued to be strict in order to keep the numbers low.

As a result the authorities have imposed new regulations relating to the services provided in tourist accommodation which means we have had to make some changes to our normal services during your stay.
Due to the extra cleaning and disinfecting requirements imposed by the authorities, we are not able to offer either an early check in on your arrival day or a late departure on your last day. Our check in time is 16.00.
and our check out time is 10.00. in order to allow sufficient time for our cleaners to do their job thoroughly. If it is important for you to be able to stay later or arrive earlier, it may be possible for you to book an extra day in your accommodation either at the beginning or end of your stay.

Prior to your arrival, your accommodation will have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and this will also take place after your departure.
Our cleaners have a check list of everything they have to do in the property, including special cleaning of all surfaces that may have been touched, light switches, door handles, TV and air conditioning controls, etc.
using specified disinfectants, also spraying with specified disinfectant all soft furnishings, curtains, sofas, cushions, bedcovers, etc. Each cleaner will wear a new set of PPE for each property they visit.

If your stay is between 5 and 9 nights, on your arrival you will find an extra set of bathroom towels for you to use.

If your stay is between 10 and 17 nights, on your arrival you will find an extra set of bathroom towels for your use during your first week and a set of bags for you to use for the used bed sheets, pillowcases and towels
that we will collect at the end of the first week and deliver a new set of bed sheets, pillowcases and bathroom towels in sealed bags, for your use during the remainder of your stay.
We will make up the beds with the new bedding if you wish, however, you must vacate the property while this is done. Alternatively, please leave the used laundry in the bags provided and we will exchange it for the new laundry. It is important that we remove the used laundry at the same time as we deliver the new.

It is important that you dispose of all your rubbish in the large refuse bins that are situated throughout all the resorts and do not leave any rubbish at all inside or outside the property on your departure.

If you require any cleaning service in the property during your stay, please email us in advance at our local office ([email protected]) to make arrangements. Ideally we will do this on a day and time when you
are out. The cleaning personnel will wear PPE.

Similarly, if it is necessary to carry out any maintenance or repairs during your stay, if possible we will arrange with you to do it on a day and time when you are out. Again, all personnel will wear PPE.

Our normal pool cleaning and garden maintenance will continue and we will try to do this with the least inconvenience to you, however, their work is all outdoors and all personnel will wear PPE and respect social
We will continue to make our welcome visits to all clients in our villas within 1 – 2 days of your arrival and maintain social distancing throughout. If however, you prefer that we don’t visit you, please inform us in
advance by email ([email protected]).

We thank you for your understanding about these new measures which are necessary to reduce any risk as much as possible and we trust you will enjoy your visit to our island.

From all at LanzaroteOne